Saint Aloysius Parish
Parish Council
The Parish Council (Pastoral Advisory Council) functions as an advisory board to the Pastor regarding the spiritual and material concerns of St. Aloysius Parish. The Council meets the third Monday of each month, September through June. Minutes are taken and available to all members of the Parish on request and will also be found below on the church website. Any member of the Parish may also attend any Council meeting.

The Parish Council is composed of the parish clergy, lay members of the parish corporation, a representative from each parish organization and society, nine elected adult members, and one elected youth member. The nine elected members serve three-year terms. The youth member serves a one-year term. Three adult members and the youth member are elected each year in June and become part of the Council at the June meeting. A Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary are then elected by the Parish Council members at the September meeting.
  • Chairperson - Mrs. Shannon Goetz
  • Vice-Chairperson - Mrs. Christine Betack
  • Secretary - Mr. Jean-Pierre Berliet

  • Fr. Robert Kinnally
  • Fr. Cyrus Bartolome
  • Fr. Ralph Segura
  • Dn. Steve Pond
  • Dn. Bill Santulli

Lay Members of the Corporation
  • Mr. Leo E. Karl, Jr.
  • Mrs. Christine Hussey

Principal of St. Aloysius School
  • Mr. Bardhyl Gjoka

K-8 Religious Formation Coordinator
  • Mrs. Marie Vandall

Director of Music Ministries
  • Mr. John Michniewicz

Director of Youth & Family Ministry
  • Mrs. Chris Otis
Representing Parish Organizations
  • Our Lady's Guild - Mrs. Mary Moran
  • Knights of Columbus - Mr. John Otis
  • Catholic Daughters -Mrs. Susan Socci
  • Emmaus - Mr. and Mrs. Jerry & Sue Lione
  • Walking with Purpose - Carol Mahoney

Elected Members

Term ending June 2017
  • Mrs. Christine Betack
  • Mrs. Maura Gayer
  • Mr. Matthew Hennessey

Term ending June 2017
  • Mrs. Shannon Goetz
  • Mrs. Christina Butler
  • Mr. John Emert

Term ending June 2018
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Berliet
  • Mr. Dick Laughton
  • Mrs. Carrie Sindelar

Youth Representatives

One year term ending June, 2017
  • Hazel Montano
  • Erica Smith
  • Russell Walker
Parish Council Members 2016 - 2017
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Parish Council Meeting Minutes & Committee Reports
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