Religous Education News & Updates

 May 25, 2018 - Welcome to the St Aloysius Church Religious Education program. We look forward to joining with you and your family in prayer and worship deepening our spiritual life in Jesus Christ … letting His light shine through us all! Our parish is ready to support and assist you especially in the promise you made as parents at your child’s Baptism …. to raise them in and hand down the Faith to the next generation of believers. Jesus Christ is at the heart of all we do. His grace, received at the celebration of Sunday Mass, is the most important education our children can receive.

As St Aloysius Parish transitions to the future in Religious Education, our pastor, Father Rob, will be announcing the new Director of Religious Education soon and will also announce the process for registration sometime in June 2018. At that time, curriculum decisions and all RE program details will also be publicized.  Please be patient - read the bulletin, listen to the announcements after Mass and continue to visit the Parish website and to make sure you know when, where and what is taking place in Religious Education next year.

                            Summer 2018