Teen Emmaus

"Something Like Emmaus Retreat"
Saturday, October 17 • 3-10 pm

Open to current junior and seniors who have been an Emmaus candidate.

A socially distanced retreat experience on the St. Aloysius campus that will include Talks, Mass, a Service Project and Adoration as well as some of your Emmaus favorites.

There is a registration fee of $50. Checks only this time, made out to St. Aloysius and sent or dropped by the parish office at 40 Maple Street prior to the start of the retreat.  Confidential Scholarships available.  (Please contact Chris Otis)

All participating teens are asked to bring a beach towel to sit on for parts of the day and a full size pumpkin for our service project!

We need everyone to register at the Emmaus Registration website link below by Monday, October 12th so that we can place our t-shirt order.  For sizing purposes, we will be ordering long sleeve t-shirts.

Questions?  Reach out to Chris Otis at youth@starcc.com

Emmaus Registration Website

New To Emmaus? This section is for you!

Will You Join Us on The Road to Emmaus?


What is an Emmaus Retreat Weekend?


Candidate: A teen in grades 10, 11, or 12 who has never attended an Emmaus Retreat before.
Team Member: A teen who has previously participated in Emmaus as a Candidate.
Adult Member: an adult or a teenaged 18 or older.

Join us for a weekend of vibrantly enriching faith and personal discovery, guided by the powerful Emmaus story conveyed in Luke’s Gospel (24:13-25).  To His unsuspecting companions, the man was just a traveler on the road to a town called Emmaus.  Through their discussions with Him on that town road, however, their hearts were profoundly changed, their eyes were forever opened, and their lives burned with the meaning of God’s love for each of us.  

Just like their journey, the Emmaus Weekend Retreat is a process of discovery: 
•  discovering the joy of knowing who we really are and His intentions for us
•  discovering God in ourselves and others
•  discovering the gifts that God gives us, including the gift of Himself
•  discovering the heightened meaning this brings to the way we live and the help God provides. 

The weekend is a sequence of discoveries and reflections, each building on the other. It begins on Friday night and builds throughout the weekend towards the close on Sunday evening. The Candidates are offered a unique personal experience. It is not a traditional retreat weekend. It is a journey in faith, a sharing in Christian love, an opportunity to learn more about one's self, to explore one's relationship with God, family, and the human community. 

The Emmaus program originated in the diocese of Bridgeport in 1976 and has been active in St. Aloysius Parish since 1981. St. Aloysius sponsors three Emmaus weekends per year, spring and fall for teens, and summer for adults.



Who is eligible to be a candidate for an Emmaus Retreat?
Teen Emmaus is for teens in grades 10-12 who have not already been on an Emmaus Retreat.  Teens who have been candidates previously may register as volunteers for the weekend.

Do I have to be a Roman Catholic to be a candidate on an Emmaus Retreat?
To participate in an Emmaus retreat weekend, you are required to be a baptized Christian.  If we receive more than 36 applications we will follow the Candidate Application Procedures which try to balance the number of sophomores, juniors and seniors, and will give preference to members of St. Aloysius Parish.

What is a Rector/Rectora?
They are the male/female leaders of the Emmaus team for that particular retreat. 

How long are the teen retreats?
They start on a Friday evening and continue until Sunday evening of the weekend.


Emmaus LXXX Rector & Rectora:
Bill and Bridget Besgen
Assistants: Kevin and Michele Salmini

For questions, email the Rector and Rectora at the Saint Aloysius Emmaus email address: saintaloysiusemmaus@gmail.com.

To apply as a Candidate for Teen Emmaus, please visit the Emmaus website www.StAEmmaus.org

The Candidate application with a photo (passport style/size, selfie is fine) should be made online at the site.

Click on the links below to complete the required online agreements.  
All team members, including adults must complete the agreement online.

Teen Team Member Behavior Agreement
(under 18 years of age)

Team Member Behavior Agreement
(over 18 years of age)

Team Member Behavior Agreement
(over 21 years of age)