St. Valentine's Dinner for Couples - Join Us!

Please use this link to sign up to attend the Authentically Catholic St. Valentines’s Dinner. Sign up here today!

What’s different about this dinner? St. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of
love and romance, and for Catholics, we celebrate love in the context of
sacramental marriage. The evening includes a short program containing
expert video, activities, and select questions to guide your private
discussion on how to make your marriage even more fabulous.

How should I prepare? Choose your wine, recall the decisions and events
that led you to your spouse, and contemplate your marriage.

What should I wear? You only have to impress your spouse.

What does ”Authentically Catholic” mean? God, through His Church,
has given us a vision, founded in truth, of how we should live our lives. We
become Authentically Catholic when we choose to make that vision our
reality. It also means not spending $200 on a rushed, crowded, noisy
dinner out, but spending time with each other recalling how you have been
blessed in your marriage.

Why does being ”Authentically Catholic” matter? Because is it the path
to true joy and the means to Heaven.

Will I get anything? Ideas, thoughts, help for a better marriage and a
great book and resources to follow up at home. And a wonderful chance
to have meaningful conversation with your spouse!