Welcome from Monsignor Rob Kinnally

Welcome to the Saint Aloysius Parish website! The parish was founded in 1896 to serve the  Catholic families that were settling in the greater New Canaan area. More than 120 years and three church buildings later we are just shy of 3,000 families strong and our mission as Church remains the same: bring Christ — who is present to us in Word and in Sacrament — to all. 

This parish family lives the Gospel with great joy and boundless energy. You will find Jesus fully alive in this place, and no matter where you are in your faith life, you will be at home here. Whether you are a frequent church-goer, or you are making your way back to regular prayer and worship, we have much for you to see and hear that will lift your spirit, enrich your mind, and touch your heart.

We are proud of so much of what we do as a family of faith and we are humbled by the generosity of spirit that characterizes a “Saint A’s” parishioner.   One of the benefits of being part of a large parish is that we have a lot going on, and so it is easy to find something that will help you feel a part of the family.  Participating in that one ministry that is fulfilling for you makes the large parish seem a bit smaller as you develop meaningful relationships based on a common faith life. We would love to have you as an active participant in some of those ministries, but if you prefer simply to be present at Mass, we would love that too!

So here’s who we are in terms of what we do together:

The beautiful music here enriches prayer and speaks to the many traditions of our Church; each week our choirs sing God’s praise with prayerful exuberance.  We strive to get to know Christ and the Church better and then figure out what God wants us to do with that knowledge, so we study Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  And along those same lines, when we hear of a dynamic speaker on matters of faith, we invite him or her to talk with us.

We help families form each other in faith through our Youth, Family Formation, and Religious Education Ministries. We have a thriving elementary school where faith and reason meet quite beautifully. We pray well and often – at Mass, at Friday Eucharistic Adoration, during the Rosary, and at Evening Prayer. We step away for an Emmaus retreat twice a year. We support one another when someone gets sick or is at home and unable to get to church; and that means that each week teams of Eucharistic ministers visit hospitals, care facilities, and homes. We hold each other up when a loved one dies by offering prayer, a listening ear, and a message of hope from a compassionate bereavement team.  We celebrate splendidly – just ask the 600 parishioners who had a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship at our Annual Saint Aloysius Feast.  We do more than there is room to mention here, and we also do what you suggest we should do to become more faithful followers of Jesus.

Our patron saint, Aloysius Gonzaga, was a humble, loving servant who poured out his life helping others.  I invite you to pray to him; I pray that he will support you as you live a life of truth in love.

I welcome your comments, questions, and your prayers!  Don’t hesitate to be in touch with me: frrob@starcc.com.  God bless you and yours.

In Christ,